The Yulair-Arendelle Contract, known officially by Yulair as the "Arendelle Full Welfare & Directed Progression Operation, Senate Sanctioned and Funded, Treaty & Operation Agreements & Guidelines" is a set of documents that dictate a list of rules that must be adhered to by both Yulair and Arendelle in interaction with one another.

This contract was made on May 17th, 2015 in the wake of the Arendelle-Loyalists - Jennings Task Force Skirmish after the original Yulair-Arendelle Contract was terminated by the Royal Council of Arendelle. This new set of guidelines was set into place to improve relations between the two civilizations and to avoid future incidents.

Notes Edit

  • As a general rule regarding technology, if it didn't exist in the year 1918, it's probably illegal.
  • All landings upon the planet of Arendelle must be authorized through Yulair prior to the party entering the Arendelle system. Failure to do so will prompt hostilities.
  • Yulair typically uses nonlethal means of sedating unruly individuals. The Arendelle Royal Guard has little to no quarrel about utilizing lethal force and will do so if necessary.
  • Aubrey Hale and Gary Ribila are the acting advisors/diplomats/liaisons. Eugene Dornier oversees the Civic Service and its operations; Edythe Aston is the economics chief; Shane Sellers oversees all legal and sociological matters, working close in hand with the Civic Service; Pedro Gilliam is the chief supervisor for the welfare operation and handles the authorization and planning of welfare/aid plans with the assistance of his council; Natamore Letanya and Rosalina Dontelli oversee the operations and assist Pedro; Wilbur Lockley oversees all technological/engineering aspects including advancement, civil engineering, maintenance, environmental consideration, etc,; Braxton Marst is the overall diplomatic/political overseer and is to handle and oversee internal and external politics as well as advise on and oversee changes to and the continuation of the government and its policies.