Veckley Az'klia

Veckley Az'klia




30 ABY


Shadowrails Operative, Yulair







Veckley Az’klia was a human male born on the planet of Zigoola in the year 30 ABY. He was born into the extremist Sith cult known as the Tallukah Acolytes, but was rescued from the cult at the age of 11 by a group of Jedi, among whom was Talben Foelin.

Veckley was sent by General Foelin to Morellia with MVA-1138 and MVA-5413 to acquire better weapons for Brigade. Their Kalidor hit a wormhole/wrinkle in space and then came out of hyperspace close to the planet of Arendelle. There was insufficient time for Storm and Debra to try and regain control and the Kalidor crashed. Veckley was the only survivor.

Shortly after this, Veckley met up with the Transformer Bumblebee and they were found by Lieutenant Ethan Nova of Yulair and Sir Raccoon, the High Constable of Arendelle. They talked for a little while, and when Nova said they would have to be arrested, Bumblebee transformed and took him and Veckley off away from Nova.

After a while, Yulair caught up with the two of them. They hatched a plan to contact their respective factions with a comms device off of a Yulairian tiltrotor. The plan had some positive results, as Bumblebee appeared to get off a message before he was jammed. Veckley and Bumblebee’s alliance would soon come to an end after Veckley used the Force to mangle the propellers of two tiltrotors, killing 30 Yulairian Sentinels. Although it wasn’t Veckley’s intent, Bumblebee could not abide by this.

Veckley found Groot after wandering around in the woods for some time and helped heal him as an act of friendship. Groot took him to a cabin where Sir Raccoon, Princess Anna, Captain Fordo and BlyDonian Lieutenant Wesley Barnes were hiding out. They all went to a secret compound in the mountains, where they were found by Nova, Corporal Macy Nadyean, and a squad of Sentinels. Nova made a plan for himself, Macy, Veckley, Wesley and Fordo to “kidnap” Anna to draw out Commodore Letanya. On this adventure, they encountered the being Styx, a Force-user who was from Veckley’s galaxy. Nova and Macy tried to assert force over Styx, only making him more angry, while Veckley tried to persuade Styx that they meant him no harm and that he was no longer a Jedi. In the end, it was Veckley’s persuasion that allowed them to live.

After the incident with Styx, Veckley got on Wesley’s ship to try and go to BlyDonia with Styx and Fordo. They were stopped in the atmosphere by Commodore Letanya and the Yulairian blockade. Letanya offered the occupants of the ship a chance to be shadow operatives of Yulair. Wesley outright refused, but Letanya came back with the proposition of only taking Veckley. Veckley accepted, and he was teleported aboard the Conjurer.