Unidius II

Unidius II


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389 days

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27 hours







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Unidius City

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The Unidius II Geological Disaster is a massive geological disaster on Unidius II, which is the capital planet of Unidia, a hereditary monarchy parliamentary republic. Unidius II is also the only planet that the republic controls. Unidia itself is technologically similar to other major civilizations near it, despite its small size.

The Disaster & Relief EffortsEdit

On June 15th, 2015, a massive geological disaster occurred on Unidius II, which spawned massive earthquakes as well as tsunami and volcanic eruptions that caused massive devastation in huge parts of the planet, an estimated 58%. The cause of the disturbance is unknown, but it is currently believed to be a normal natural disaster. Because of the huge devastation, Unidia requested assistance from the Capita Council, of which it is a member. The Capita Council responded with an emergency fleet comprised of BlyDonian, Kortorisian, Manaki, and vessels from various other civilizations. With the end of the Liberalism war, civilizations that were once opposed to one another were working together, albeit uneasily.

The fleet arrived over Unidius II on June 17th, 2015, two days after the initial disaster, and immediately began relief efforts. A few of the vessels entered the lower atmosphere and dispatched gunships to work as triage vessels over the more devastated zones. Other ships landed on the surface and began setting up refugee and medical camps. Various scientists and experts arrived with BlyDonian Admiral Komec and Manaki Admiral Ploan to the Unidian Capital Command Center, where they met King Uunal and attempted to determine future hotspots since the geological activity had not yet ceased and was creating minor aftershocks as well as whole other earthquakes.

Various Relief IncidentsEdit

In the countryside, the inhabitants of a smaller town nearby a now active volcano were attempting to protect their town from a massive lava flow. They used low-rise metallic walls and hastily dug trenches in an attempt to steer the lava away from the town. An Andurian relief worker, Buck Hayes, was working closely with Warren Howe, an inhabitant of the Unidian town. As their efforts continued, they were joined by Abigail, a Unidian Military Police Sergeant, who coordinated efforts with supplied from her hover-truck. Warren devised an attempt to divert the lava into a nearby storm drain that led into the ocean, however some of the lava still headed towards the town, when a few Kortorisan shuttles arrived with energy barriers and beamed up the inhabitants of the town and the various relief workers, saving their town and carrying them to a nearby relief camp.