The Groot Company is a business partnership between Groot, Mario Boogley, and Rusty Balboa. It was named after the formerly fallen war hero in honor of his death. It's subsidiaries are Groot's Flowershop, Mr. Boogley's Diner, and Balboa Landscaping. All three companies are based out of Groot's property in Arendelle City's market place, which was given to him by Queen Elsa during his knighting. Signs for all three can be seen above the door. Juniper Beningham held Groot's position in the company for six months during his absence, but she gave the position back to Groot when he returned.

For clarity, "the Diner" and "the Shop" are the same building in the following article, with no partition. However, whichever one is used indicates which aspect of the company they are involved with.

Subsidiaries Edit

Groot's Flowershop Edit

Groot's Flowershop sells flowers, fertilizer, seeds, and gardening tools to the public. Cheap prices and Groot-grown flowers make them a favored floral shopping place. It is primarily run by Junie Beningham, although Groot has the final say in most matters.

Mr. Boogley's Diner Edit

The Diner, located within the flowershop and run by Mr. Boogley, sells various foods to the patrons of the shop, but will also serve people who decide not to buy flowers. Its proximity to the market square and quality of food has made it a happening dining destination for market-goers. They do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If Mr. or Mrs. Boogley can cook it, you can order it. Prices are average, and any bread-based food is fantastic. The Diner is open from 7:00am to 9:00pm.

Balboa Landscaping Edit

Balboa Landscaping, operated by Rusty Balboa, is a landscaping and gardening company. It's quite small, and currently only consists of Rusty running about making house calls to plant things, mow lawns, and perform entire landscaping projects. They're hiring.

Staff Edit

Groot Edit

Groot is the primary owner of Groot's Flowershop, though he doesn't do much of the actual management. His primary role is as flower caretaker, mascot, and team spirit. Groot is at the shop on and off, but he's there during most of his free time. He frequently visits the Balboa residence, and has a blossoming friendship with Lily, having become a sort of big brother and imaginary friend to her. He also attends school with her and defends her from playground bullies, or rather, finishes the fights she starts.

Juniper "Junie" Beningham Edit

Junie is the cashier at Groot's flowershop, but also doubles as the manager and triples as the person who does whatever else needs to be done. The success of the Groot Company owes a lot to her. She is hardworking and doesn't often mess around, usually being the one to crack the whip on her fellow employees, though she has a soft spot for Chrys and makes sure everyone gets paid well and treated fairly. Junie works from the early morning until the shop closes in the evening. Note: She is extremely ticklish.

Rusty Balboa Edit

Rusty takes care of the plants at the shop, helps the customers, and also runs his landscaping business out of the shop. He does his landscaping in the morning until his daughter Lily gets off school in the afternoon, then works in the shop until dusk.

Lily Balboa Edit

Though not officially one of Groot's employees, her father Rusty does take her allowance out of what Groot pays him. She has become a facet of Groot's shop in the afternoons, cheerily helping the other staff. Lily has become extremely attached to Groot since his revival, and frequently takes him to her place of schooling and residence. She has come under fire on the playground lately due to her devotion to Elvis. Doing what she believes Groot would do, she responds with violence. She has much to learn.

Mario Boogley Edit

Mr. Boogley used to run a bakery across the street from Groot's Flowershop, but it was destroyed during a car chase through the marketplace. Groot telegrammed home that the flowershop should help them out, and Junie suggested the idea of a combined flowershop and diner. Mr. Boogley was very pleased with the idea and the the hospitality. Now he serves as the head cook and owner of Mr. Boogley's Diner. Mr. Boogley can be found in the Diner from the morning until night time.

Peach Boogley Edit

Mrs. Boogley helps out her husband in the kitchen at the Diner. They met during his more adventurous days and eventually settled down. Mrs. Boogley can be found in the Diner from the morning until night time.

Antonio Boogley Edit

Drafted into the Royal Guard during the Great War, Antonio participated in the storming of Weselton and found his calling. Unfortunately, he lost one of his eyes during the battle and has been honorably discharged. Looking to give him something to do, his father got him hired as the Flower Shop's night guard. Currently, he wears and eyepatch. Antonio starts work at night and usually hangs out in the Shop until late morning.

Chrysanthemum "Chrys" Jackson Edit

Chrys is the observant head waitress at the Diner, working from morning to late afternoon. She really likes guns, and is the proud owner of a Webley revolver. She also plays the drums on the side.

Geranium "Gerry" Hanning Edit

Geranium is the night waitress at the diner, working from late afternoon into the night.

Dennis Daring Edit

Dennis is a waiter at the Diner, working from morning to late afternoon. He's kind of quiet and comes from a rich family, who aided him in dodging the draft.

Kuzco Edit

Once a powerful emperor, now a private citizen looking to make some extra cash on the side. Hired as a special favor to Queen Elsa, Kuzco waited tables from noon until evening until the obvious lack of alcohol in the establishment became too much. He now tends a bar in the diner starting in the afternoon, supplying the alcohol himself.

Diner Menu Guidelines Edit

Breakfast (Sold all day, with a longer wait beginning at 10:30am)

  • Pancakes
  • Eggs, in any form.
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Coffee
  • Hasbrowns
  • Toast

Lunch (Sold after 10:30am)

  • Sandwiches
  • Hotdogs
  • Burgers
  • Fries, in any form.
  • Bread
  • Vegetables
  • Potatoes

Drinks (Sold all day)

  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Juice

If you can tell Boogley how to make it, he and his wife will try!