Kristoff post-Yulairization



Central Arendelle



Cause of death

20 bullet wounds to the torso region


Kingdom of Arendelle


Ice Trader, Royal Guard Private, Truck Driver








Princess Anna (girlfriend)

A mountain man and a bit of a loner, Kristoff has spent much of his early life as an ice harvester. His animal companion is a reindeer named Sven, whom he has been friends with since childhood. Princess Anna of Arendelle is Kristoff's on-and-off girlfriend of two years. The two went through a rough patch after Kristoff refused to marry Anna. The reasons for his refusal were his unwillingness to settle down and the fact that he believes Anna could do better.

Kristoff was drafted during the Arendellian Great War of Unification and served as a Royal Guard Private in the Ordnance Corps. It was during his time in the Ordnance Corps that he began learning how to drive and repair automobiles. After the war, Kristoff found employment as a truckdriver hauling loads of ice from North Mountain. However, technological advancements have brought about the decline of the ice trade. This has resulted in Kristoff sometimes having to take bootleg loads to make ends meet.

He participated in a run with his close friend, Andrew Steele, that involved picking up a load of moonshine in Alendar Falls and delivering it to Granite Ridge. Scrooge McDuck was supposed to pay them 7,500 gold kroners each for the successful completion of the run. When they arrived in Granite Ridge, Kristoff was killed by the Royal Intelligence Agency as part of a conspiracy. He was framed for the murder of Officer Turner of the Granite Ridge Sheriff's Department.

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