The Kkowir Forest, also known as the Dead Forest, was a mysterious forest region on the planet of Arendelle and home to the occult Sayormi. The Myyydril Caverns laid in the northern parts of the forest.

General informationEdit

The Kkowir Forest was home to the Kerritamba Tribe's village, a village set up by the Kerritamba. The Kerritamba Village and tribe was led by Chief Kerritamba. Residing in the northern section of the forest, the village was considered the only safehaven within the territory of the Dead Forest.

Many dangers laid in the Kkowir Forest, including the Sayormi, who were believed to be ghosts that lived in the lower levels of the forest along with many other dangerous wildlife. The woods of the Dead Forest sprawled for quite some distance. A dead atmosphere and gray palette were common, much of the plantlife dead or dying. Curiously, some flowers still thrived, most especially one particular red species. A type of Sayormi village or hub was settled not far from a once-sacred, ritual graveyard, surrounding and built upon one of the "great trees". A river ran through the forest, but villagers of Kerritamba warned outsiders to avoid its waters because of the destructive and dark powers of whatever was rotting the dead forest.

A dark, ominous and grayish sky often accompanied the forest.

The majority of the forest was left unexplored by natives due to its dangers, but there were a few places in the forest that interested explorers, and dared them to travel further into the forest. The Mysess Glade was one of them, where one could find the Great Tree. Another area, The Myyydril Caverns, is where one could find the Myyydril Tribe. A small village had been made in the caverns by the tribe. Another area was the Kerritamba Village Arena, just across from the Kerritamba Village.

Though it was once as the same as the rest of the surrounding area, the forest's decline proved only a testament to the dark forces at work within the forest. The people of Kerritamba Village, led by Chief Kerritamba, fought constantly to stop the expansion of the Dead Forest and to restore life to the area. Sayormi power continued to grow every day, however, and the Dead Forest was slowly expanding.

The Kkowir forest was believed to harbor great natural powers, possibly from the source of natural resources under the forest or within the caverns, but modern explorers were never able to safely traverse the land far or long enough to discover what potential the land held. While covered largely by the forest's canopy, the forest itself was not particularly dense, with some areas being quite open with large trees spread apart a fair distance.

In 2015, a group was dispatched to investigate the forest and its natives, finding much more than they had originally bargained for.

Myyydril CavernsEdit

The Myyydril Caverns were a huge system of subterranean caves located in the northern regions of the Kkowir Forest. It was populated by many dangerous beasts, but was also the home of a tribe of natives. The deepest parts of the caverns were almost never explored, and hosted many rumors and legends about their contents, including that an evil spirit lived at the bottom of the caverns. The Myyydril Tribe was mostly able to live in peace (so long as they did not venture deep within the caverns) and had made use of harvesting Nak'tra crystals; crystals that harbored enormous power. These same crystals could be found in a limited supply in the forest itself, often accompanied with bioluminescent plants. Some believed the plants of Myyydril to be toxic and hallucinogenic.

In the years leading to the Arendelle-Loyalists - Jennings Task Force Skirmish, a new dangerous species of creatures, called Urnsor'is by the locals, started to spread in the caverns and slowly decimated the Myyydril tribe.


The Urnsor'is were a species of non-sentient parasitic spiders first documented in the Myyydril Caverns, though it was unknown if they were actually native to the planet of Arendelle. The Mother Queen was known to be the source of the infestation within the caverns. People avoided them as much as possible, as the bugs were highly proficient in hunting and killing, devouring their prey ruthlessly. Often, whenever a Urnsor'is was killed, the purple sacks on its back would burst and cover the unfortunate killer with voracious hatchlings, which would consume them in a matter of seconds.

The Shadowed LandsEdit

The Shadowlands, or the Shadowed Lands, was the name of the deepest portion of the forest. It was dark since the sunlight could not reach it through the tall trees and foliage. Curiously, the Shadowed Lands harbored the strongest plantlife, the majority of it alive, with many bioluminescent plants.

A simple trail led from the Shadowed Lands to regular lands to the north east of the Kkwoir Forest, ending not far from Vlenoya, near the battlegrounds of the Arendellian Great War of Unification.


The Sayormi were a mysterious species that lived in the Dead Forest. The Sayormi were a rather primitive society, living in simple huts built from animal skins and decorated with bones and skulls. Scarecrows made of wood and bones marked their territory in the Dead Forest, which they defended ferociously.

Female Sayormi were called witches, while the males were divided into monks and warriors. Their small society was ruled by the Sayormi Queen. They worshiped a dead pantheon of deities and tamed some of the wildlife for their use. Mystical tomes found in their possession detailed forgotten legends and wild tales. The Sayormi were said to possess dark and deadly "magical" abilities. They performed dark, bloody rituals that included sacrifices of animals and other unfortunate beings. Voodoo dolls were used to curse their enemies. Their strange rituals lead people to believe that the Sayormi were ghosts, haunting their forests in search of blood. Bottles with strange potions and juices were found on many killed Sayormi, some with insects or eyes swimming in them. They also brewed their own, very potent alcoholic beverages. They wielded rather primitive but deadly melee weapons in battle against their enemies. Among the bloodthirsty warriors, a heavy battle axe called a Lifeblood Cleaver was the preferred weapon of choice.

The Sayormi prowled the Dead Forest but their hub of society was a primitive village built upon and around one of the "great trees" of the Dead Forest, their particular tree atop a large mound, granting them a view over their immediate domain of the forest. The once-Kerritamba grave was within view of this.