Gray Október Conflict

Gray Október Conflict

Other names

The Intelligence War

Previous in conflict

Arendellian Great War of Unification


10/7/15 - 10/20/15


Planet of Arendelle


Arendelle (accidently?)

  • Arendelle protesting perceived Yulairian aggression against Elsa's regime
  • Arendelle deciding that it wants to separate from Yulair and leave the Core Senate


  • Yulair withdraws from all territory controlled by the Kingdom of Arendelle
  • Vlenoya becomes a separate territory under the supervision of Yulair
  • Sir Raccoon becomes King of Arendelle
  • Kingdom of Arendelle
  • BlyDonian Civilization
  • Mount Olympus
  • Yulairian Civilization
  • Core Senate
  • Queen Elsa (captured)
  • King Raccoon
  • Prime Minister Pavan
  • Ambassador Long
  • Foreign Minister Bell
  • Athena of Olympus
  • Commodore Letanya
  • Colonel Dontelli
  • Ronald Hoosier
  • Braxton Marst
  • Serena Williams
  • Administrator Dolern Haines
  • The CS Supreme Chancellor


Yulairian Military

The Gray Október Conflict evolved from a series of misunderstandings and clashes between the Kingdom of Arendelle and the Yulairian Civilization. The stage for this inevitable conflict was set as far back as April 22nd, 2015 with the Jennings Incident. Although the Yulairians and Arendellians were able to get along for a lengthy period of time after that Incident, things finally began to heat up shortly after work had begun on Project Hades. The Arendellian government had withheld vital information regarding the Project from Yulairian officials and thus earned their ire. Colonel Dontelli arrived at Arendelle Palace to meet with the Queen while a convoy of armed troops waited down the street. Although Queen Elsa played along with Dontelli and agreed to have her forces show Yulair the portal, this was the second time that Yulairians had come into her home and threatened her.

Elsa would later protest the way the Yulairians had handled the situation by having the Royal Marines imitate Yulair. This imitation involved deploying a company of marines outside the Yulairian Embassy in Arendelle City. Unfortunately, this directly violated the terms outlined in the Yulair-Arendelle Contract. Elsa refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and instead accused Yulair of having broken the contract first. The situation became highly volatile and even prompted Mount Olympus to make an appearance.

Day 1 Edit

On the first day of the conflict, an armed A.N.D.F. convoy arrived in front of the Yulairian Embassy in Arendelle City. Roadblocks were set up at both ends of the street and a total of around 144 Royal Marines were deployed from their vehicles. The marines fell into formation before the embassy building with their rifles held out diagonally in front of them. The Arendellians demanded to speak with Colonel Dontelli, but their request was declined. Yulair refused to perform any diplomacy until all military assets had been dispersed from the area.

A.N.D.F. entered DEFCON 3 as High Command began anticipating Yulairian retaliation. The intended point of the strong military presence was to protest the way the Yulairians had twice shown up threateningly with armed convoys in proximity of Arendelle Palace. Because of the DEFCON alert increase, an army taskforce of roughly one-thousand Royal Marines were deployed one mile away from the Yulairian Nordelle airbase as a precautionary action.

The RIA Board of Directors authorized the embassy lockdown to be lifted around 11:00 PM that night, but warned that until a meeting took place, a second protest lockdown would be enforced between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM the following day. The forces at Nordelle Airbase established a camp where they spent the night.

Day 2 Edit

7:00 AM the following day, the Yulairians had begun circulating propaganda that pleaded their case to the Arendellian people. They passed around petitions that were to be signed in order to show a vote of no confidence in the Arendellian government. When the Arendellian government caught wind of this, they began circulating their own counter-propaganda titled "how the loyal citizen shows his support for the Crown!" The pamphlets instructed citizens how to make fabulous origami sculptures out of the petition papers. The Arendellian Times (and other assorted newspapers) acknowledged that a government protest had taken place outside the Yulairian Embassy and Nordelle Airbase, but refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing or serious issue.

At 7:00 PM that night, a protest was once more held outside the Yulairian embassy, although the building had been abandoned by the Yulairians. Yulair arranged for a letter to be sent to Arendelle Palace. The letter was written by Colonel Dontelli and only provoked an even more aggravated response from the Queen. The threat of Yulairian martial law prompted the Queen to call on Parliament to approve more drastic measures to be taken if necessary. Parliament approved her request, but the representatives from Peru, Weselton, and Mirstone did not lend their support. Sir Raccoon met with Doctor Strasse to discuss the Arendellian Defense around the same time. It was during that meeting that experiment 626 was unveiled by Strasse. The High Constable was impressed and began factoring 626 and the other experiments into his defense planning. Nordelle Airbase was abandoned by Yulair and then promptly occupied by the Royal Marines.

Day 3 Edit

Sir Raccoon met with Prince Hans exactly 31 hours after the Október conflict had begun. Although the two military officials hated one another, they agreed to put their differences aside and work together until Yulair left the planet. The result of their talks was that the South Isles Military would be re-armed by the Kingdom of Arendelle as a branch of A.N.D.F. Arrangements were made so that weaponry could be stealthily smuggled into the South Isles.

It still remained unclear which side was winning the propaganda war as both Queen Elsa and Yulair were considered to be popular at this point in time. The Arendellian government continued to pump out propaganda to counter that of the Yulairians, but avoided resorting to political mudslinging. Miraculously, both sides managed to keep from having any scuffles between their military forces. Arendellian Sheriff Deputies continued to work with Yulairian Deputies as if nothing had happened. The conflict still had little to no impact upon the average citizen's life as he would not even be aware the two sides were feuding if not for news reports and propaganda.

Day 4 Edit

On the fourth day of the conflict, the Arendellian government held a press conference in the Palace courtyard to address various questions and rumors. Mount Olympus materialized in the clouds above the Palace and shocked the inhabitants of Arendelle City. The goddess of wisdom utilized the press conference as a way to tell the populace that the Yulairians were behind the start of the Arendellian Great War. She also pledged the support of Mount Olympus to Queen Elsa and the Arendellian government. The appearance of the Pantheon quickly caused public backlash against Yulair and tilted the propaganda scales in favor of the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Day 5 Edit

Day Five. Colonel Dontelli met with Queen Elsa, Athena, and Hades at Arendelle Palace. Queen Elsa stressed a strong desire to separate from Yulair and the Core Senate. Mount Olympus began making offers to try and reimburse Core Senate funding. Dontelli volunteered to try help Arendelle, but only under her careful instruction. The Aredellian DEFCON status was lowered back to normal as a result of this talk. Queen Elsa agreed to play nice for the cameras and the government released a news bulletin the next morning that announced the disagreement had been settled.

Although the government seemingly returned to normal day-to-day operation with Yulair, the populace remained infuriated. Widespread anti-Yulair riots erupted throughout the various states of the Kingdom. These riots were aimed primary at Yulairian possessions upon the planet. Yulairian buildings and vehicles were sprayed with graffiti. The Arendellian Sheriff Departments kept crowds under control, but made little effort to fully disperse them. Yulair also became the subject of sermons preached at Pantheon Temples. These sermons were directed against Yulair, but the Temples did not promote active violence against them.

Day 7 Edit

Day Seven. Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Prime Minister De Vil, and Prince Hans were en route to BlyDonia Prime to attend the BlyDonian Ball with Colonel Dontelli. The ship was running behind schedule when it began to freeze over. The Yulairians on board immediately suspected and blamed Queen Elsa, although she was not the cause. Despite this, she and her fellow Arendellians were arrested and imprisoned. A Core Senate representative attempted to get Princess Anna to sign a plea deal, but she refused.
Arendelle is of free

Polandball edition of the Gray Október Conflict.

Hades was able to attend the BlyDonian Ball thanks to King Bly providing him with an invitation. Hades's primary reason for going to the Ball was to keep an eye on the Arendellian Royals and report back to Mount Olympus. Hades never located Elsa and Anna. He reported this back to Athena, who immediately suspected foul-play and informed the Arendellian government.

A secret meeting was held in an underground bunker. The attendees to this meeting were the R.I.A. Board of Directors, A.N.D.F. High Command, Old Royal Guard Commandants, and South Islander Army Generals. Sir Raccoon gave a speech denouncing the Yulairians as having finally gone too far. With the government lacking a Chief-of-State, Sir Raccoon requested that the attendees crown him King of Arendelle; effectively making him Supreme Commander of A.N.D.F. The attendees agreed and crowned him King Raccoon of Arendelle with persuasion and motivation from his speech-giving. As his first order of business, King Raccoon ordered that A.N.D.F. enter DEFCON level 1 within 32 hours. The newly crowned King also named Doctor Strasse as his second-in-command. Strasse's new rank was to be General Field Marshal.

Knowing full well that they would still have difficulty repelling Yulair, the Arendellian government opted that they would adopt a policy of mutually assured destruction and total war. Plans were drafted for "Operation: Ultimatum" that would be carried out upon the DEFCON level reaching code white. Many officers believed that this was the beginning of the end and that they would be witnessing the end of Arendellian history. The officers prepared for the outbreak of war regardless of whether or not they believed this was the coming apocalypse.

At t-minus 31 hours to DEFCON 1, Veckley Az'kllia, Jack Harkness, and Doctor Who arrived outside the Fort Steinbacher military compound. They were permitted entry into the facility by Major Sunden as Veckley was one of the few known people who had actually managed to defeat the Yulairians with little difficulty. The trio met with King Raccoon and General Strasse to discuss the situation. Doctor Who informed the two government officials of some previously unknown details regarding the disappearance of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. This included the location of the planet upon which two two royals were being held: Telumara. The possibility of sending a strikeforce to Telumara is considered, but Strasse warns that a diplomatic incident must be avoided so as to not bring more heat down upon Arendelle. Veckley turns over his Bantha-45 blaster pistol to General Strasse so that he can reverse engineer and mass produce it.

t-minus 30(?) hours to DEFCON 1, Hades is able to meet with BlyDonian Prime Minister Pavan and Ambassador Long regarding the situation between Yulair and Arendelle. The BlyDonians agree to try and mediate the situation and help Arendelle join the Capitala Council. The BlyDonians are also willing to try and pay off Arendelle's debt to the Core Senate. Hades relays this information back to Mount Olympus and works on getting a meeting set up between BlyDonian and Arendellian officials through Olympian communications.

Day 8 Edit

The countdown is finally aborted at 25 hours to DEFCON 1. Arendellian government officials attended a meeting with BlyDonian and Yulairian officials via speakerphone. Very little progress was made toward getting the Yulairians to agree to leave Arendelle, but BlyDonian Ambassador Long believed it to be a start. Meanwhile a BlyDonian transport was sent to the Arendelle system. Commander Kalicki departed from the transport and met with King Raccoon. She examined Arendelle's evidence of Yulair's supposed involvement in starting the Great War, but deemed it to be inconclusive. She did however witness that a fair majority of the populace harbored anti-Yulairian sentiments.

A second meeting takes place involving Arendellian, BlyDonian, and Yulairian officials. Valid points are made by all sides, but Yulair has no intention of completely withdrawing from Arendelle despite protests from the Arendellians and BlyDonians. Finally, the idea of Yulair operating within a separate territory is brought forth by Letanya. The Yulairians will settle on the continent of Vlenoya and allow all Arendellians that wish to live under their rule to immigrate there. All three parties are able to accept this proposal.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are eventually returned home to Arendelle by Yulairian authorities. However, Elsa's trouble isn't quite over there. The Royal Intelligence Agency is disappointed with the Queen and assigns the blame for the Gray Október Conflict upon her. Director Schultz believes that if Elsa had simply sent the Yulairians away after the Jennings Incident, this conflict wouldn't have ever happened. Agent Cobra Bubbles verbally chews Elsa out before making her sign documentation that will make her Queen Consort to King Raccoon; thus solidifying the legitimacy of his reign.