The small castle keep of Steinbacher was constructed in the forests between Arendelle City and North Mountain sometime around 1422 A.D. The castle was named after it's chief tenet, Baron Steinbacher, who was the only known noble to have lived there. The original purpose of the castle was to serve as a sentry for the city of Arendelle and it's nearby villages. When the Baron died in 1443, he had no children, thus the title(s) attached to the castle were returned to the Royal Family Of Arendelle. The Royal Family continued to maintain and garrison the castle as a guard post until 2015.

After the Great War of Unification, the grounds covered by Fort Steinbacher were heavily expanded upon. The fortress became one of the most heavily defended and built up A.N.D.F. bases in existence. The upgraded military facility was heavily centered around defending against extraterrestrials. The grounds notably house Arendelle's planetary shield generator, ground-to-space hypervelocity guns, and other top-secret projects. The shield generator is the invention of Doctor Wilhelm Strasse, a former South Isles general and scientist, who defected to the Kingdom of Arendelle during the Great War. The planetary shield is in essence an enormously scaled up version of the shield utilized by Strasse's blackguard powered armor.

Locations of Interest Edit

  • Steinbacher Castle Keep
  • Steinbacher Command Hub
  • Underground research facilities/bunkers
  • The Planetary Shield Generator
  • The Hyper Velocity Guns
  • The Airstrip
  • Steinbacher Space Center
  • Comm Dish Arrays
  • The Observatory