Duchy of Weselton
1300 A.D.–2015 A.D.
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Duchy of Weselton

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Galactic Basic


Constitutional Monarchy

Grand Duke Alexander



The Duchy


Weselton High Court

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Arendelle (planet)

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Weselton City


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Kingdom of Arendelle


Greek Pantheon


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Grand Army of Weselton

The Duchy of Weselton was an island nation located in the Zyemn Sea across a channel from Mirefield. It's geography consisted mostly of highlands and lowlands. Weselton had a thriving economy based on sea-trade and a small, but respectable military. At the start of the RPG, Weselton was the smallest remaining independent nation on it's planet. It would later be heavily involved in the Arendellian Great War of Unification, but ultimately defeated by the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Government and Politics Edit

As it's name implies, Weselton was a constitutional monarchy overseen by a Duke. Perhaps the only nation on the planet to feature a limited form of monarchism, most major decisions were made by a parliament. However, the Duke did possess reserve powers that he could employ during a state of emergency.

Economy Edit

The Weseltonian economy engaged primarily in seafood gathering and coal mining. The highlands of Weselton had a notable abundance of coal. Wheat harvesting and sheep herding were two of the topmost agricultural professions.

For many years, the Duchy of Weselton was the Kingdom of Arendelle's closest trade partner. After the events of Queen Elsa's coronation, Elsa formally severed all ties with Weselton. This caused Weselton's economy to take a massive hit and put it into a recession for roughly a year. The economy only recovered thanks to new trade taking place between Weselton and the Kingdom of the South Isles.