This category has been created to keep track of all articles related to TTverse Alternate Universe #1. One notable difference between AU1 and the main universe is that many factions and civilizations are polar opposites of their original incarnations. This universe is centered around a timeline in which Darth Malgus led the Sith Empire to victory against the Galactic Republic in the Galactic War.

Sith Empire GalaxyEdit

With the destruction of the Galactic Republic, the Sith Empire controls most of the entire galaxy. There is a Rebellion, led by the beleaguered Jedi Order and various other freedom fighters.

The AppearenceEdit

Meanwhile, in the Appearance, BlyDonia is an imperialistic monarchy that shares most of the galaxy with the Kortorisian Empire. These two co-exist quite peacefully, and usually work together. Additionally, the Tournan Hive is a major power that works with both the Royal BlyDonian Empire and the Kortorisian Empire as a sort of enforcer power to keep the galaxy in line. Drakonia is a pacifistic civilization that is a protectorate of BlyDonia. Yulair, being its polar opposite, is a ruthless criminal syndicate that senselessly and passionately targets thousands by the day. From their start, their numbers were immense, and they were hunted down by most any law enforcement agency as a scourge of the galaxy.

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