Asami Sato
Asami Sato
Asami Sato on Arendelle

Asami Sato

Full name

Asami Minerva Sato


"Ms. Sato, Asami, That Bitch from Weselton"




Approximately 25 Years Before Start of RP


Atlantis (Chief Scientist), Blydonia (Ally), Arendelle (Formerly)


Chief Scientist of Atlantis and Head of Future Industries (Former Head Scientist of Arendelle)


High Intellect, Rebellious Spirit, Forceful Debater, and Terrible Opera Singer








Duke Sato of Weselton, Lady Mara Sato






Queen Kida of Atlantis

Early Life Edit

From an early age, Asami Minerva Sato and her brother Alexander were bitter rivals, partially inspired by their cold, self-interested father. Asami grew up in a very traditional atomic family household, befitting of Weselton's conservative culture. Her mother was practically a recluse, and her father had a vast amount of say in how his children lived and what they were allowed to do. Despite this, he actually encouraged his children to be effective debaters and tested them with argument after argument. It's from these constant debates Asami earned notoriety for having a strong backbone, even when pushed into a corner.

Years later, during her teens, she was sent along with the envoy to Atlantis. They were aware the Atlantean King had a daughter, so Asami was brought as a distraction to keep Princess Kida Nedakh entertained. What the Duke of Weselton did not anticipate was that Kida was the primary diplomat in their negotiations, which ironically lead to Asami helping lead the talks. A friendship grew from that, and over the years, something more. While the Duke was furious at first at the embarrassment this would mean in Weselton, he realized he could turn this around. Thus, the arranged marriage of Kida and Asami was born, not that they complained. Asami was the oldest and due to be Dutchess of Weselton (and still technically has claim to the title), but chose Atlantis over her home land.

Healing and Harms Edit

However, it was around this time Arendelle also attempted to make contact with Atlantis for the first time since the "Scouting Incident" a decade prior. Kida had ascended to the throne, and the wedding was delayed due to the numerous ceremonies this would entail. As a result, Asami proposed that she could go ahead and attempt to aid Arendelle. Three years later, she had become active Head Scientist of Arendelle under the Queenship,. She invented a number of devices and taught a number of assistants to carry on her work whenever she would inevitably depart back to Atlantis. Unfortunately, she could have timed her efforts better. Months before her third year of tenure as lead scientist, Arendelle made contact with Yulair.

She created a working Light Glove and kept a close eye on Yulair. She remained highly suspicious of their intentions. Despite this, she, Sir Raccoon, Anna, and Groot departed out into the field to assist in the capture of "the Decepticon" (see: Shellverse Bumblebee). When her device was discovered, the Yulairas attempted to claim it as they saw it as dangerous. She responded by throwing it off a nearby cliff. Shortly after, she was promptly arrested.


During her time in jail she was interrogated, but gave up no useful information. She remained in holding until the Yulairs divided on what should be done about Arendelle. She was broken out by those in favor of Elsa's rule, riding in Shellverse Bee's Shell along with the Yulairian Macy. Seeing the capital under siege, she instead fled to Atlantis, assuming Sir Raccoon would follow the evacuation plan (spoiler: he didn't). Macy made an utter fool of herself when Asami attempted to negotiate aid from Atlantis, resulting in further tensions between the underwater nation and those who lived above it.

Exiled Edit

As tensions grew higher and the Arendelle-Yulair conflicts grew in intensity, Queen Kida recruited Shellverse Bee in unlocking emergency powers in the capital city of Atlantis, discovering that it was capable of transforming into a ship. This was made possible due to the Atlantean crystal heart being none other than the Cybertronian All-Spark. Asami begrudgingly assisted in the evacuation, not wanting to abandon Arendelle to the Yulair. Unfortunately, their attempted evacuation came into conflict with the Yulair, with the Atlantean Krakens and Yulair navy clashing as the capital city made a break into hyperspace.

Before their departure, Asami shared one final communication with her colleagues Milo Thatch and Sir Raccoon. In the case of Mr. Thatch, she gave explicit orders about how he should try to handle and influence the Chevaliers to avoid open war. In the case of Sir Raccoon, she promised that she would return, and wished him the best of luck. This would sadly, not be the case. Blydonia would eventually grant political asylum and amnesty to Atlantis and Asami. Still this ended with Yulair banning them from Yulairian and Arendellian space. Asami would never be able to return home.

Several months passed with Asami assisting establish Atlantis on its new home world, a nature reserve in Blydonian space. At this point, relations between Asami and her fiance Kida have grown ice cold due to Asami's exile. She remains one of the main scientists in Atlantis, and is notably working on several new advances, attempting to get Atlantis up to speed to the new world it has entered. Currently, she spends her time headlong in work, and in the back of her mind, trying to find some way to free her home, even if from afar.

Trivia Edit

  • Asami is the third character in the RP played by Fallen, after Buttgoblin and WIndshield Wiper Goblin.
  • In case it wasn't obvious enough, Asami is Fallen's favorite character from The Legend of Korra.
  • Similar to her Legend of Korra self, this version of Asami always has some kind of trick glove or gadget on hand for the occasion.
  • Asami is still technically the Dutchess of Weselton. She merely has not made claim to her rightful place.
  • Asami and Sir Raccoon are the only characters in the RP to have actually performed a song while on Arendelle.
  • Asami was originally intended purely as a side character, and would primarily have played off of Milo Thatch, a fellow adviser to the Queenship. In the final RP, Asami and Milo don't have an antagonistic relationship, and hardly interact with one another.
  • Ironically, if Asami had not bothered with attempting to assist in the capture of the Decepticon Bumblebee, likely many of the events on Arendelle would not have taken place that would have lead to Atlantis leaving.
  • Asami was also originally going to be experience headaches tied to the dimensional tears. These headaches would be a result of her actually having been ripped from another reality, and having been grafted in by the universe to try and make sense of her existence. She would have discovered that as a result, the world of The Legend of Korra would be in a state of constant conflict between the Avatar revolutionaries, Metal Empire, and Equalist Kingdom.
  • In a completely different take on her character, Asami would effectively become a more benevolent Andrew Ryan and have created Rapture as a hybrid of Atlantean and Arendellian society.