Arendelle (planet)

Arendelle (planet)



Solar system

Arendelle System



Orbital period

365 days

Rotation period

24 hours










Kingdom of Arendelle


1 Billion

An earth-like planet located in a remote part of the Appearance galaxy. It is the third planet from the sun and the only planet to contain life in it's solar system. It possesses a wide variety of geographical features, but the most common environments are forests, mountains, icy tundras, and oceans.

Life exists in many forms on Arendelle. The most common sentient species consists of humans, but a vast array of other "magical" or "mythical" creatures also exist. There were once numerous individual kingdoms that dotted the surface of the planet, but the majority of them have been united under the banner of the Kingdom of Arendelle which now rules the planet.

The Yulairians are the first recorded extraterrestrial visitors to the planet. The Yulairians established contact with the Kingdom of Arendelle and made them into a protectorate. As there was no universally accepted name for the planet, Yulair opted to simply refer to the planet as "Arendelle." This name is now the norm.

Geography Edit

Rhylanthas Edit

The main continent is known as Rhylanthas. The geography of Rhylanthas is split up into various states according to the former kingdoms that ruled them. The following are states:

  • State of Central Arendelle (capital is Arendelle City)
  • State of Corona (capital is Corona City)
  • State of Midoria (capital is Mirefield)
  • State of Gwylan (capital is Mirstone)
  • State of Peru (capital is Thrakeld)
  • State of Nydalith (capital is Garmsby)
  • State of Pareoedan (capital is Stawford)
  • State of Tesundus (capital is Agrabah)
  • State of the South Isles (capital is Solibourne)
  • State of Weselton (capital is Weselton City)

The State of Central Arendelle is to the far north. The South Isles consist of a large network of islands directly southwest of Arendelle City. The sea that separates Central Arendelle and the South Isles is referred to as the "Nordsøen" or "Zyemn" sea. Atlantis formerly lied to the far west of both territories in the center of the ocean.

Midoria forms a horn-shape on the map that is near the Isles. The horn is connected to Gwylan, which shares a border with Corona and Pareoedan. Peru shares a common border with Corona, Pareoedan, and Tesundus. Tesundus is to the far southeast and situated near the equator. The Isle of Weselton is a small island northwest of the South Isles. Central Arendelle only shares a common border with Corona.

Vlenoya Edit

Vlenoya is a large and relatively unexplored continent to the very far west of Rhylanthas. It was discovered by the Kingdom of the South Isles in the year 2004. Colonization of Vlenoya has proceeded extraordinarily slow. The City of Poltragow notably contains the most human settlers. The Kingdom of Arendelle began colonization efforts of it's own in early 2014, but it's colonies were even smaller than those of the South Isles's. By 2015, the largest of Arendelle's original colonies in Vlenoya was Violl's Island, which was a penal colony. Disputes over land claims in Vlenoya would later be a leading cause of the Arendellian Great War of Unification.

History Edit

Much of the planet's early historical records have been lost to time, but some events have been referenced in the RPG. The oldest known event is the Mai-ben'Mach. It was apparently a massive conflict that shaped much of the planet's current civilizations into the state they were prior to the start of the RPG. It is what devolved the Hobgoblins into their barbaric tribal ways and why Atlantis chose to dwell under the sea.

In the modern era, the Arendellian Great War of Unification became the second most brutal conflict in the planet's history. More than 12 million lives were claimed during the month or so that it took place. It was a time of major political and social upheaval. Governments such as the Kingdom of the South Isles and the Duchy of Weselton fell and their holdings were annexed by the Kingdom of Arendelle. The Great War saw the end of the centuries long Hobgoblin Crisis when Queen Elsa negotiated peace with their Chieftains.

Native Inhabitants Edit

Kingdom of Arendelle Edit

The Kingdom of Arendelle is a large kingdom that dominates the majority of the planet. It is the most prominent native faction. During ancient times the Kingdom of Arendelle was one of the primary guardians of human civilization and protected it from annihilation at the hands of it's would-be destroyers. The Knights of Arendelle completely vanquished the dragon species and nearly wiped out the vampires. For more information, click here.


An image of a hobgoblin warrior.

Hobgoblin Tribes Edit

The Hobgoblins were a primitive and nomadic barbarian race that were not well documented until after the Mai-ben'Mach. It was around that time that they began appearing in what is now Central Arendelle. The Hobgoblins possess bulky builds and stand around 6'6" tall on average. Their defining traits are their militant society and brutality. They formerly existed in perpetual war against all other races (especially the Kingdom of Arendelle) and viewed them as lessers. Hobgoblins were known for establishing their bases in underground cave networks and then systematically stripping territories of their resources with no thought for conservation. They are omnivores, but prefer meat. During their time in Arendelle, they acquired the bulk of their food from raiding human settlements and were also known to engage in slavery. Because of their barbaric behavior, the Hobgoblins clashed with the Kingdom of Arendelle for centuries. The fighting between the two cultures finally came to an end after Queen Elsa of Arendelle negotiated a peace treaty with the Hobgoblin tribes on 8/15/15.

Trollic Tribe of the Living Rock Edit

The Trolls are a peaceful race that dwell within the Valley of the Living Rock. They stand around 2 - 3 feet tall and have grey-colored skin. They have a cordial relationship with the Kingdom of Arendelle. The Trolls heavily employ the use of magic and dedicate much of their time to studying it. King Agnarr of Arendelle paved the way for the current legal status of the Trolls, but it would not be until the reign of his daughter, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, that his work would be completed. The Crown has established the Valley of the Living Rock as being a reservation solely for the protection of the Troll species. The Trolls possess tribal sovereignty which gives them the right to govern themselves. Arendellian legal documentation recognizes the Trolls as "a domestic dependent nation". The Trolls played a key part in the establishment of the Arendellian Mage Corps by training many humans to use magic.

The "Ocean Dwellers" Atlanteans Edit

Not much is widespread knowledge of this particular nation. It has been insinuated that they are a rival of the Kingdom of Arendelle as they refused to acknowledge the Kingdom's sovereignty for more than two years. Prof. Milo Thatch has been the main diplomat to them, due to past peaceful encounters with their current leaders. They are ruled by Queen Kida and were briefly contacted by Asami and Corporal Macy. In RP session #10, it was revealed that Atlantis was infact a mothership. During the same RP session the entire city lifted itself up from the ocean and left the planet.

Minotaurs Edit



First encountered within the tropical jungles of Vlenoya, the Minotaurs are a violent race that have a warrior society similar to that of the Hobgoblins. However, the Minotaurs were not nomadic or tribal. They instead had a number of city states spread across the continent similar to Ancient Greece. These city states were eventually defeated and annexed by the Kingdom of the South Isles, who enslaved the entire species. A Minotaur stands at roughly 7 feet tall and weighs around 700 pounds. They have short, coarse fur that can come in black, brown, bronze, sandy, and white. Their back legs are similar to those of a cow, ending in cloven hooves. Their muscular arms are long, powerful and end in five-fingered hands with thick, blunt nails. Their bodies are decidedly humanoid, but their heads are bovine in nature, with long horns on their fierce brows, long bovine muzzles and small but keen eyes. They have their own language, but are capable of learning to speak basic.

The Kobold Tribes Edit



Another tribal species, the Kobolds are native to Vlenoya. They appear to still be stuck in the stone or bronze age, making them the most primitive of all societies on Arendelle. The Kobolds made their homes in the sewers underneath the city states and clashed with both the Minotaurs and South Isle humans. When the Minotaur society fell, the Kobolds were enslaved by the South Isles alongside them. Kobolds are short, reptilian humanoids with dark rusty brown colored skin, red eyes, and long tails. They are usually around 2 feet tall and weigh anywhere between 35 and 45 pounds.

The Vampires Edit

Vampires were a prominent species on Arendelle prior to the Mai-ben'Mach. They are said to have evolved from the usage of blood magic, or necromancy, and are viewed as undead abominations. They roamed the planet in clans, under the leadership of warlords, and clashed with the living as they aggressively sought to expand their ranks. Eventually, the ancient kingdoms (mainly: Arendelle and the no longer existent Sodoukar) made moves to contain the vampire threat and hunted them to near-extiction. This was done in order to prevent the human race from being wiped out by rabid vampirism. Vampires and their kindred were hunted around the globe in a genocide only surpassed by that of the dragons, who were made completely extinct. As a last ditch effort to save the species, a few vampire highlords had their clans tunnel underground to form undead metropolises in cave networks. In modern times, vampires have faded into obscurity and legend. The occasional vampire might still be found, but they are usually loners acting entirely on their own without any sort of association to a clan.

Vampires are notoriously hard to kill, but it can be done as proven by the knights of old. Driving a stake (or any sharp item) through their heart or decapitating them is an easy way of ensuring their demise. It is also worth noting that a vampire will be savagely burned or destroyed if they come into contact with sunlight. Their appearance is much the same as humans aside from their elongated canines and glowing red eyes. They cast no shadows and throw no reflections in mirrors. Vampirism is spread through a bite. The bite causes the victim to develop a high fever followed by death. Within 2 - 3 days, the victim will be revived and rise again as one of the undead. Vampirism and Lycanthrophy successfully cancel each other out. A vampire cannot become a werewolf and a werewolf cannot become a vampire. There is no known cure for vampirism.

Notable Locations Edit

The Ice Palace

Elsa's Ice Palace

State of Central Arendelle Edit

  • Arendelle City (forest/hills)
  • Arendelle Palace (surrounded by hills)
  • The Yulairian Airfield/Spaceport
  • Village of Ashton (tundra)
  • The North Mountain (mountainous, duh!)
  • Elsa's Ice Palace (located on North Mountain)

State of Midoria Edit

  • City of Mirefield (forest)
  • Castle Mirefield (located in Mirefield)

State of Pareoedan Edit

  • City of Stawford (forest)

State of Gwylan Edit

  • City of Mirstone (plains)
  • Cinderella's Castle (located in Garmsby)

State of Nydalith Edit

  • City of Garmsby (plains)

State of Corona Edit

  • City of Corona (foothills)

State of Peru Edit

  • City of Thralkeld (foothills)

State of Tesundus Edit

  • City of Agrabah (desert)

Atlantis (formerly) Edit

  • City of Atlantis (underwater)

The Isle of Weselton Edit

  • City of Fawnsmith (highlands)
  • Sudbury Beach
  • Region of Sharnwick (highlands)

The Southern Isles Edit

  • City of Solibourne (marshland)
  • South Isles Palace (located in Solibourne)
  • Dalmellington Beach
  • Region of Orrinshire (marshland)
  • The Necropolis (located in Orrinshire)

Vlenoya Edit

  • City of Poltragow (tropical/jungle)
  • Violl's Island/Penal Colony (tropical/jungle)

Arendelle System Edit

Arendelle is not the only planet in it's solar system. It occupies the third orbital position from the sun among a total of five planets. It is however the only planet capable of sustaining life in the entire system. These are some of the other celestial bodies that inhabit the Arendelle System:

Chesi Edit

Chesi is a small planet that occupies orbital position #1. It is a volcanic world with extreme temperatures. It is considered younger than Arendelle and appears to still be in the process of forming due to tectonic plate shifts. It possesses a type IV atmosphere.

Aalon Edit

Aalon is a planet that occupies orbital position #2. It is close to being the exact same size as Arendelle. This planet's atmosphere is full of silicone particles that give it a blue-colored hue. Like Chesi, Aalon has extremely high temperatures. These temperatures cause the silicone particles to condense and form solid glass. The glass flies around the planet sideways thanks to Aalon's 4,000 mile an hour winds. It possesses a type IV atmosphere.

Riosi Edit

Riosi is a planet that occupies orbital position #4. It is roughly twice the size of Arendelle and a third of it is made out of solid diamond. It is extremely carbon heavy and so dense that all of it's carbon is in the form of solid diamond. It possesses a type IV atmosphere.

Corria Edit

Corria is a gas giant that occupies orbital position #5. It is notably an untapped source of tibanna gas. The planet is fairly large at roughly 118,000 kilometers in diameter. It also has an asteroid belt that circles around the planet at extreme speeds; forming rings. The atmosphere fluctuates between type III and type IV at different layers. Poisonous gasses combined with bitter cold make an EVA suit highly recommended.