Plot synopsis for April of 2015.

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April 14th, 2015 Edit

  • Outside of Ashton, a town near Arendelle City, Sir Raccoon leads Arendellian troops in conjunction with Yulairian forces to repel a Hobgoblin attack. The Hobgoblins appear to be besting the Arendellians, if only in intimidatingness, until the arrival of the Yulairian forces. The Hobgoblin army retreated only forty seconds after the Yulairians opened fire. The allied forces pursued them, resulting in the surrender and incarceration of many Hobgoblins who were unable to escape and willing to surrender. The rest got away or were shot. After the battle, Groot appears, apparently searching for his friend Sir Raccoon.
  • Shellverse's Bumblebee, Starscream, Arcee, Megatron, and Soundwave finish constructing a haphazard space bridge to escape Shellverse Cybertron. The group manages to get through the gate just as Shellverse Optimus and his minions attack. Everyone gets through except Megatron, who stays behind to challenge Optimus. During the battle, Megatron blasts the controls to the space bridge, separating Bumblebee from his friends and sending him crashing into the mountains on Arendelle.
  • Groot meets Lieutenant Ethan Nova of the Amala Company of the 1st Yulairian Expeditionary Force. Ethan asks him to go on a reconnaissance mission with Squad 12 and Asami Sato, lead by Corporal Bennet. Groot accepts, but the mission is cut short when reports are received of a vessel tumbling through Arendelle's atmosphere. This vessel turns out to be the Kalidor belonging to Veckley Az'klia, Storm, and Debra. Debra and Storm are killed in the crash, leaving Veckley the only survivor.
  • A window washing competition in the royal palace in Prime City, BlyDonia comes to its exciting conclusion and the winners are announced. Congratulations, Team Two for another consecutive victory!
  • Shellverse Bumblebee regains consciousness and activates his communicator, attempting to contact his friends. The fateful communication is picked up by both the BDN Excalibur as well as the TTverse Decepticons during a test of their secret experimental space bridge.
  • The BDN Excalibur is cruising through space, flanked by two Sunrise Class vessels, when it receives Shellverse Bumblebee's distress signal. After some persuading by King Bly XVI himself, Admiral Komec changes course to Arendelle to lend a hand.
  • TTverse Soundwave delivers the news of Shellverse Bumblebee's communications to TTverse Megatron. Intrigued, Megatron forms a plan to go to Arendelle--as soon as Project Trypticon is complete. The exchange is overheard by TTverse Arcee via Spiker, and she reports back to her team of spies sent by Optimus to keep an eye on Megatron. They resolve to report back to Optimus... as soon as they can find TTverse Bumblebee.
  • Shellverse Bumblebee encounters Veckley. They confront each other wearily until Squad 12, Groot, Asami, Ethan Nova, Sir Raccoon, and their soldiers arrive. Bumblebee evaluates the new arrivals as threats, and convinces Veckley that they should work together. After some uneasy diplomacy, Bumblebee is nearly convinced to lower his weapons when Yulairian forces agree to help the duo figure out where they are, but Starnight command has other plans. Upon being informed that he will need to be detained, Bumblebee transforms and speeds away with Veckley. Asami salvages what she can from the Kalidor's wreckage, where she finds what appears to be a Yulairian black box.
  • King Bly XVI's entourage arrives over Arendelle and is confronted by the Yulairian flotilla. After some minor political tension, the entourage is allowed to dock with the YNS Starnight. Admiral Talan boards the station to meet with Commodore Latanya about allowing some of the BlyDonian crew to take shore leave on the station, and also to negotiate King Bly's stay on the surface in the palace. Latanya agrees to both, and Talan offers BlyDonian help in whatever affairs may come out of the current commotion on the planet's surface. Latanya, somewhat reluctantly, takes him up on his offer.
  • Ethan Nova, Groot, and Sir Raccoon head to the palace to meet with Queen Elsa, Asami Sato, and General Jennings of Yulair. On the way they encounter Princess Anna, who wishes to play with Raccoon, but does not get her wish. Groot, Ethan, and Sir Raccoon arrive in the Queen's throne room to find Asami showcasing some of the weaponry she found on the Kalidor. Jennings is heavy-handed, confiscating both the weapon and the black box, once Asami relays the recording yielded by it. After Jennings' departure, Ethan apologizes for her methods and discusses the prospect of hooking Arendelle up to an electrical grid to alleviate the Queen's discomfort. After the meeting, Ethan, Groot, Raccoon, and Asami leave in pairs--Groot tags along with Ethan back to Starnight station, while Sir Raccoon and Asami remain the palace.
  • "That Wench Can't Have Our Guns" -- A duet sung by Asami Sato and Sir Raccoon, detailing Asami's frustration with Yulair's incessant authoritarian babying. Raccoon thinks they need Yulair's protection against the outside galaxy, but Asami believes Yulair is only holding them back. Asami persuades Raccoon to allow her and her servants to spirit away the rest of what she found in the kalidor so that she can research them without Yulairian interference; however, she agrees to give Yulair the blackbox and the rifle, since they specifically asked for it.

April 16th, 2015 Edit

  • Groot and Ethan arrive at the palace to find Princess Anna and Sir Raccoon engaged in a snowball fight. She defeats him easily. After exchanging greetings, Raccoon, Ethan, and Groot head to the throne room to talk to the Queen.
  • Groot, Raccoon, and Ethan go to see Queen Elsa, interrupting a meeting about trains with Asami. Ethan talks about the status of Arendelle's highway and water infrastructure improvements, Hobgoblin rights, and Atlantean negotiations, eco-friendly operations and electronic grids. Talk of all these improvements pleases the Queen, but he cautions that too much at once could over-burden the populace. He goes on to display the black box data from the kalidor, which logs the kalidor existing in one galaxy and then suddenly existing in theirs. Yulair theorizes a wormhole is involved. Next on Ethan's agenda is the peaceful apprehension of the two fugitives, Shellverse Bumblebee and Veckley Az'klia. All present at the meeting watch the video relay feed, but Ethan has to leave for the command center when (spoilers: this happens later in the synopsis) the tiltrotors fall out of the sky.
  • Two Anabelle Tiltrotors engage Veckley Az'klia and Shellverse Bumblebee. Through a shrewd plan, the duo manage to steal a communications device off one of the tiltrotors' communications devices. While on the run, Bumblebee uses the communications device to boost his personal communicator. He gets a powerful transmission out before Yuair jams all communications going in and out of the system. The tiltrotors give chase. Veckley uses the force to disable one of the tiltrotors, intending no loss of life, but there are still casualties. Yulair authorizes the use of any force necessary to bring them in. Bumblebee attempts to disguise himself as Veckley, but does not copy him exactly. He informs Veckley that they must go their separate ways, as he has crossed a line. He wanders off into the forest.
  • Yulair's tiltrotor crews begin damage control.
  • Asami Sato takes Sir Raccoon to her research estate to show him her cool gauntlet that shoots lightsabers. Yes, that's it. Anyway, they then set out to confront Shellverse Bumblebee with it. Iron man armor, build from the coating of the weapons they found, is also involved. Princess Anna and Groot trail them and Anna demands to go with them, to which Raccoon initially refuses, but eventually relents. The four of them have a tense encounter with Corporal Chezat and Sentinel Alcor at the city gates, where they insist that they must go post-haste in order to save Olaf's life. The Yulairians aren't fooled, but let them go anyway. They instruct the driver to go to Ashton and keep up the charade nonetheless.
  • Yulairians begin forcibly disabling all electronics. Including BlyDonia's. Admiral Komec is not amused. The Yulairians come about the BlyDonian ships to distribute breathalizers. Admiral Komec and King Bly XVI meet with Commodore Latanya. The Commodore informs the King of the situation and he readily agrees to cooperate. What a nice guy. Latanya also relays Yulair's suspicions of an interdimensional transit. Remembering the Ichiri War, King Bly XVI says he'll summon more of his fleet once the comms are back online.
  • TTverse Arcee and Cliffjumper arrive at abandoned warehouse and conduct some espionage. They learn that the Decepticons have received Shellverse Bumblebee's boosted communication. TTverse Starscream learns from Onslaught that Bumblebee has escaped their custody, and that the Decepticons have received the aforementioned communication. He summons the seekers to the transport room, apparently formulating some sort of plan. Cliffjumper and Arcee take the opportunity to follow Onslaught back to Bumblebee. Bumblebee alerts them to the Decepticons' Project Trypticon and Spacebridge and Arcee questions him about the distress transmission.
  • After some fancy (and nauseating) driving, the group arrives on the outskirts of Ashton where the Yulairian strike team is getting ready for the hunt. Sir Raccoon boldly reveals their ruse and their driver, Cadriel, reluctantly agrees to help them with their plan to use the lightsaber gun, granted that both of Yulair's plans fail.

April 19th, 2015 Edit

  • Ethan Nova informs Queen Elsa that Asami Sato, Sir Raccoon, Princess Anna, and Groot have all left the city under Yulairian supervision. The Queen is disappointed, but tells Yulair to let them do whatever it is they think they're doing unless the group gets in Yulair's way.
  • Cadriel and the group encounter Corporal Bennet's squad. Corporal Bennet proceeds to pretend to arrest them, making everyone defecate in their trousers. Asami informs Bennet of her plan to use the lightsaber gun and Bennet doesn't send the group packing. This contingency contingency plan to use the gun was never enacted however, because Plan A (a large scale EMPing of the entire planet from space) was enough to subdue Shellverse Bumblebee's outer shell. The outer shell pleaded for mercy, displaying holograms of Bumblebee's memories; a war-torn Shellverse Cybertron, Shellverse Autobot brutality, Bumblebee's valiance, and his disdain for the deaths of the tiltrotor crews. He also informs the Yulairians of his faction of origin: the Decepticons. Once the outer shell was in Yulairian custody, Corporal Bennet demanded that Asami hand over the lightsaber gun, which she threw off of a cliff in defiance. He then threatened Raccoon, Asami, Anna, and Groot with arrest, but was reminded he had no grounds to do so by Macy, one of Bennet's subordinates. He orders Cadriel to return the group to the palace nonetheless, which he does. The group goes without resistance.
  • On TTverse Cybertron, Bumblebee and Arcee report to Optimus Prime. They have learned that Project Trypticon is the construction of a giant ship intended to go through the space bridge to far away worlds. Suspecting Megatron is up to no good, Optimus orders the preparation of an Autobot ship to give chase.
  • Ethan visits Queen Elsa for the fourth time in the series to brief her on the success of Yulair's mission, but also to warn her that General Jennings is--
  • Jennings arrives at the palace to reprimand the Queen for her inability to control her subjects and requests authorization to perform a full search of the kingdom for any other secrets the Queen's people might be hiding from Yulair. The Queen grants her permission seemingly without hesitation. For her second order of business, Jennings orders the arrest of Asami Sato, who does not resist. She is taken away. Jennings orders Ethan to order everyone else to conduct the search.
  • In the aftermath of Jennings' behavior, an exasperated Ethan is struggling to come up with a solution to Yulair's controlling behavior on Arendelle. Luckily, Groot is there to offer his advice. The two once again head off to Starnight Station.
  • Just after Sir Raccoon finishes consoling a terrified Princess Anna, and having a flashback in which he and Anna steal a jar of cookies (ain't nobody gonna take his baby girl away from him, you here?), Yulairian sentinels under the command of Corporal Bennet arrive and aggressively search her room and break an ornament, with Macy being the only one to show some compassion on screen. Enraged, Sir Raccoon chews out Queen Elsa for being enslaved to Yulair's whims. He is thrown out of the palace.
  • Aboard the BDN Excalibur, King Bly and Admiral Komec express a mutual sentiment: The Yulairians shouldn't be messing around on Arendelle. They agree that if any evidence surfaces that they are abusing the fledgling civilization, they will pull out and inform the Capita Council. King Bly, Admiral Talan, and Advisor Pel then head down to the surface for their long-awaited meeting with Queen Elsa, which they never finish during this episode.
  • Sir Raccoon has a chat with Professor Thatch after climbing in his window. It's not very eventful, but we do learn that Raccoon's plan to defeat the Atlanteans involves using a long-dormant volcano to boil the oceans.
  • Meanwhile, Veckley Az'klia is musing to himself in the woods and almost decides to fall to the dark side, but the words of his friend Tarkaal echo in his head and call him back from the brink. Some friendly leaves form an arrow, pointing our wayward jedi towards the mountains where his kalidor crashed.
  • It should be noted that by this point, Yulair has turned the electricity back on.

April 20th, 2015 Edit

  • King Bly XVI and Queen Elsa conclude their meeting. King Bly tells Elsa about the Capita Council, Elsa expresses some discontent as to how Yulair is handling affairs with her kingdom, and King Bly reveals that he disapproves as well and assures her that he will talk to Yulair high command about it.
  • King Bly has a meeting with General Jennings as promised, but reveals he has no intention of helping Arendelle and jeopardizing BlyDonia's alliance with Yulair. General Jennings provides some sound rationale for Yulair's intensive search of the kingdom--they want to make sure there are no more unregistered superweapons out and about. Jennings informs the King that two Yulairian defenders have arrived with fresh supplies, replacing one depleted defender, which has returned to the supply depot. King Bly informs Jennings that he will be withdrawing the Excalibur and leaves under amicably, leaving the entire second fleet under the command of Admiral Talan in command of the fleet. Talan is instructed to answer to Commodore Latanya and to steal Admiral Saurus' BDN Victory command. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, Saurus. You just got the short end of the stick.
  • Ethan and Groot attempt to find Commodore Letanya above Starnight, but she is truly the hide and seek master. Ethan hatches a plan to draw her out of hiding which involves working with the fugitive Veckley Az'klia. The two head back to the planet to enact his plan.
  • Rupert Chelse interrogates Asami Sato aboard the Starnight under the watchful eye of General Jennings. Asami is cooperative, if extremely sassy. She tells Rupert that she is not hiding anything else from Yulair. Nevertheless, Jennings issues the order to arrest Queen Elsa and, shortly thereafter, the rest of the roal family and staff. Colonel Dontelli and Rupert protest, but ultimately bend to Jennings' will.

April 22nd, 2015 Edit

  • When Ethan Nova and Groot arrive on the planet, they find Jennings is already there with a full compliment of Yulairians about to storm the palace to bring the Queen in for questioning. Ethan confronts Jennings, but Jennings ultimately intimidates him into joining the assault, leaving Groot feeling betrayed and Sir Raccoon ready to defend his Queen by any means necessary. Groot tries to stop the Yulairians from entering the palace, but Ethan implores him to allow them to enter. Groot allows this, thinking maybe Ethan has some tricks up his sleeve.
  • Sir Raccoon, who was watching the Yulairians amass in the courtyard, readies his guard and orders Queen Elsa to flee. She refuses.
  • Lieutenant First Grade Wesley Barnes of the BlyDonian Recon Force heads down to the planet in direct violation of Yulair's wishes, but under Admiral Talan's orders. He is to observe but not interfere.
  • The Yulairians are allowed to enter the palace. The guards do not deter their march to the throne room. Ethan attempts to persuade the Queen to come quietly but neither her nor her High Constable are having it. Sir Raccoon orders the Yulairians to vacate the premises before he arrests them. When the Yulairians refuse, he charges them with his rapier. He is hit in the shoulder with a stun round, dropping him and ending all hope for the crown-- OH WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT IS HE-- JEEPERS CREEPERS RUN YULAIR! RUN!!
  • Ahem--sorry about that. Is this thing on? Alright. Reporting from the scene, Sir Raccoon has grown to six feet. Local biologists have identified him as having in fact been a werebeast--more specifically a werecoon--this whole time. Some of the Yulairians are trapped in the throne room by Elsa's ice powers and are subjected to a feral assault from the beastly constable, while Groot appears in the lobby to deliver a floral smackdown to the rest. The Arendelle Royal Guard enters the fray with muskets and gatling guns, and the Yulairians are forced to flee--more out of sheer surprise than anything else. Ethan and his men are taken prisoner, but the vast majority of the Yulairians escape unscathed, including General Jennings and Colonel Dontelli.
  • During the confusion, Lieutenant Wesley dismounts his shuttle, which makes its escape back to the stratosphere. He silently observes the conflict, with some concern for his safety, until one Captain Fordo pops into existence beside him. Both are surprised and land on their rumps. After some brief introductions, a man named Ben stumbles into their midst. The three of them agree that if they don't hide soon, they'll be caught with their pants down. So they hitch up their trousers and pop into a nearby wine cellar.
  • Jennings orders the Yulairians to engage the palace full force. Dontelli insists that Commodore Latanya be appraised of the situation, but Jennings regards this notion with obvious disdain. The colonel responds by removing herself from the general's getaway car and flourishing her cape a few times.
  • Arendelle and Yulair prepare for war. Arendellian soldiers take up positions in shop windows and on rooftops. The Yulairians begin forming a front line further out in the suburbs.
  • Ethan begs Elsa to allow him to help her. Because Groot trusts Ethan, Elsa agrees to allow Ethan and his men to go out into the city and oppose Jennings' siege efforts in an effort to draw the elusive commodore's attention. Ethan gives a moving speech to his Yulairian comrades, and they follow him out into the forming Arendelle winter.
  • On TTverse Cybertron, Wanda Maximoff appears in Megatron's throne room on Kaon via some form of transdimensional travel involving a crystal. She vents her frustrations to him before offering him a deal--her services for an army. Megatron accepts, and the Scarlet Witch comes to stay in his castle.

* Fordo sees through Ben's ruse. He's actually Shellverse Bumblebee. Nothing gets past Fordo. (


  • On the outskirts of the city, Ethan puts his plans in motion. Squad by squad, the Yulairian defensive line turns around and heads for HQ. The General will not be pleased. Macy is dispatched to bust Asami Sato out of the big house.
  • Wesley attempts to contact BlyDonian command, but to no avail.
  • A skirmish between Arendelle and Yulairian forces occurs just outside the cellar that Fordo, Wesley, and Shellverse Bumblebee are hiding in. The Arendellians try to run for cover in the cellar. Several successive ass-kickings later, everyone is very confused and there's wine all over the floor. The Yulairian troops get Ethan's message and withdraw, leaving Wesley to sort out the misunderstanding with the Arendellian soldiers, who amicably lead the group back to the palace. At this point Bumblebee has told his heartbreaking backstory to three different people so that they don't shoot him. It works every time.

Backlogged Synopsis - April 22nd-30th, 2015 Edit

Alright people. I'm not caught up yet. Sorry. Here's what you need to know to survive:

  • There was a huge battle at the palace. Yulair won. Raccoon escaped with Anna, Wesley, and Fordo, and Elsa was evacuated prior to the battle. Groot fled into the woods after holding back the Yulairians as long as he could.
  • Groot met up with Veckley, who healed him as an act of good faith. The pair then met up with Raccoon, Anna, Wesley, and Fordo, and now they're all hiding in a shack.
  • Macy bailed Asami out and Asami stole the outershell and took Macy on a joyride to Atlantis, where Macy proceeded to argue with the Queen. Now Asami is grounded in Atlantis and Macy is back on the surface. Also I think Shellverse Bumblebee is whole again and in Atlantis.
  • Ethan gives Macy a very important mission to deliver a message to Anna or Elsa.
  • Hobgoblin lives matter.
  • Apparently Kida and Asami are married. Who knew?