#1: Lure TT by texting Wolf some shitpost messages. ☑

#2: Set up some bait traps on TTverse wiki by spreading the word of Trump. ☑

#3: Wait. ☑

#4: Wolf and Bly take bait and complain about Raccoon in TT chatroom...endlessly. ☑

#5: Raccoon successfully becomes the most talked about sensation in TT even AFTER leaving TT. ☑

#6: Wolf and Bly make themselves look like paranoid assholes by complaining about a guy that isn't even around anymore.

#7: Wolf and Bly try to cocoon the Raccoon on the wiki, but get blown the fuck out. ☑

#8: Everyone lols ☑

#9: Rinse and repeat steps 2 - 8.

The Joker - Hit me (Full scene) HD

The Joker - Hit me (Full scene) HD

Raccoon vs Bly-man. "Come on! Come on! I want ya to do it! Feed me. Feed me! FEED ME!"