The 47th Quadrennial BlyDonian Ball is a formal celebration that takes place every four years on BlyDonia in the Royal Palace. It is a regular tradition and a large event that most leaders and important members of the Appearence attend. Nearly one thousand people attend the event, which takes place in the massive ballroom in the palace. The first Quadrennial BlyDonian Ball took place in 1827. Prior to that, there had been various large scale celebrations in the Palace, but this established it.


Currently, there are nine hundred and forty seven attendees coming to the ball, ranging from heads of state, ambassadors, military officials, celebrities, and assorted other dignitaries or guests.

Main TableEdit

Being seated at the main table is reserved for very important individuals, including the Royal Family, closely allied heads of state, and various others.

Ball Table

Seating Arrangments.


1) King Bly XVI (BlyDonian King)

2) Queen Julia (BlyDonian Queen)

3) Prince Robert (King Bly’s Son)

4) Princess Hannah (King Bly’s Daughter)

5) Prime Minister Pavan (Prime Minister of BlyDonia)

6) Prime Regiona Asura (Prime Regiona of Kortorisa)

7) Ms. Pavan (Pavan’s wife)

8) Mr. Asura (Asura’s husband)

9) Commander Wolf (Yulairian Head of State)

10) Chancellor Jununka (Bion Federation Chancellor)

11) Ms. Aer-May (Wolf’s wife)

12) Ms. Jununka (Jununka’s wife)

13) National Leader Yiin Cartunas (National Leader of Techia)

15) Mr. Cartunas (Cartunas’ husband)

17) Emperor Maxmilian Sanzi (Emperor of Andur)

19) Empress Sanzi (Sanzi’s wife)

21) Supreme Chancellor Ronald Hoosier (Supreme Chancellor of Yulair)

23) Ms. Hoosier (Housier's wife)

25) President Brita Haraldsson (President of Lorna)

27) First Husband Haraldsson (Haraldsson’s husband)

29) Ambassador Heroi Krane (Kortorisan Ambassador)

31) Colonel Kortoris Phane (Kortorisan Colonel)

33) Colonel Ridall Somel (Kortorisan Colonel)

14) DR. Tourny (Leader of Tournan People)

16) Sarah (Tourny's Guest)

18) Hades (Arendellian God of Death)

20) Megara (Hades' Date)

22) Supreme Chancellor Hyan Fi (Supreme Chancellor of Manaki)

24) Ms. Fi (Fi’s wife)

26) Emperor Naga Krion (Emperor of Drakonia)

28) Empress Hitiri Nakamura (Empress of Drakonia)

30) President Plaxis Maxis (President of Wringon)

32) First Lady Maxis (Maxis’ wife)

34) President Warrex Emson (President of Klaorus)

36) First Lady Emson (Emson’s wife)